• Are you interested in negotiation and conflict resolution?
  • Would you like to teach Jewish and Arab high school students practical skills that will be useful their whole lives?
  • Would you enjoy receiving training from world experts in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution, for free?
  • Do you seek an opportunity to enter this field professionally, with the possibility of getting paid for facilitation ?


The US Embassy sponsors programs teaching negotiation skills to Israeli high school students in paired Jewish and Arab schools. The demand for these programs, two days in length and taught entirely in English, is growing, and the Embassy needs more trainers to teach future programs.

This is a call for locally-based applicants who want to receive training, for free, in which they will learn negotiation skills, and learn how to teach negotiation skills to high school students. Trainees who successfully complete this “Train the Trainer” program (TTT) will be eligible to be hired to lead future student workshops. This training will also offer participants an opportunity to enter an exciting field, interacting with leading experts, and participating in something that has the potential to shape how people solve problems and resolve conflict in Israeli society.

The details are below:


This training is being offered by the Mosaica Center for Conflict Resolution, under the direction of Donny Ebenstein and in collaboration with Noy Erez and Avi Goldstein.


Participants will receive four days of intensive training in negotiation skills and facilitation skills. Successful candidates will be selected to observe and co-facilitate negotiation programs in Israeli Jewish and Arab schools with an experienced facilitator, with a final day of training to reflect and refine skills.


The TTT will take place in late 2014 or early 2015 (exact date to be determined), followed by the high school programs in early 2015, with the final training day shortly thereafter.


The training will take place Jerusalem, exact location to be determined.

How Do I Apply?

We are seeking individuals who possess both the talent and the desire to become qualified facilitators to teach negotiation skills.

There are no prerequisites for admittance to the TTT. Factors that will be weighed in the admission process include experience/expertise in working with youth; experience/expertise in studying or teaching negotiation skills; experience/expertise in facilitation; and anticipated availability for staffing on future programs. Interested applicants should send a resume or CV to the below address.

In addition, applicants should answer the following three questions, either in written form, or with a short video (no longer than 3 minutes). Answers, whether in written or in video format, must be in English. Any available technology for filming the video – smart phone, laptop computer, etc. – will suffice.

• What experience do you have in working with youth?

• What experience do you have, if any, in teaching negotiation skills?

• Why do you want to participate in this program?

Both the facilitator training sessions and the high school programs are conducted entirely in English. Therefore, a very high level of fluency in English is necessary for participation in the program.

The email address to send inquiries and applications to is: Negotiation.ttt.2014@gmail.com

Attention: Donny Ebenstein Applications must be received by September 1, 2014.